I’ve been here before

It is worth mentioning that this is my second attempt at writing a blog. Last year I started this blog in the hopes of documenting my fundraising efforts for a university led charity I was working with.

I set myself a challenge to run 65 miles in 30 days. I completed the challenge with some hiccups. I got shin splints (it was bad!) and had to cycle some of it. But I only wrote one post for my blog, then I got embarrassed and stopped writing.

A blog seems a very personal thing since it is from my perspective. Like most people I am and always have beed scared of ridicule and judgement. I don’t like the feeling that people are making fun of me behind my back for putting myself out there.

I also worry I will run out of things to write about. I don’t have an interesting life and that has been fine. I have just been going through the motions doing just was is expected of me and I have never really put myself out there. I have lived in my comfort zone quite happily. But now that is different, I am in a completely new territory and now is not the time to play it safe.

I am aware that I am a tiny speck of a human in a world filled with people who are trying to be interesting. Who needs another straight white female who just likes to talk about herself? I have deliberated over this for about a year but then I thought fuck it, I am going to live my own life and do what makes me happy. And if that is writing this blog then so be it.

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